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A portal with everything you need to manage a digital nomad visa application no matter where you are or where you’re going.

Interface elements of visa wizard

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You and your advisor can collaborate directly in the wizard through our your application process.

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Your advisor will help you determine which documents are needed for your application and review them.

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Whether it's insurance, finding a place to live, or translating documents, we'll be able to help

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Frequently asked questions

How does this process work?

Specifically for visa help, users will typically book a $99 consultation with an advisor with expertise on remote work visas for a specific country. Some of our advisors also offer free 15-minute intro calls first. Once you book a consultation, you'll get access to the visa wizard where you can then communicate via text with your advisor and even hire them for application help.

What if i'm not sure which country I want to go to?

We can help with that too! We have team members at Citizen Remote who are well versed in all the digital nomad visas around the world. Jump on a call with one of them and they will be able to offer some advice and guidance on choosing a visa and country. After that, you can book a call with an actual advisor :)

How long is the process?

It's impossible to say how long the process is for digital nomad visa applications as every country has different timelines and every case is different. Your advisor will be able to give you a better idea of what the process will be like.

How much does it cost?

Typically, booking a consultation with an advisor is around $99 USD. On that consultation, the advisor will listen to your situation and help you determine the best route to move to that country, if any. If you decide to use that advisor for the application assistance, they will offer you pricing specific to your case. You'll be able to hire them directly in the visa wizard within Citizen Remote.